Brazilian Hair Weave – Choose What Really Suits Your Best

Women folks who purchase Remy hair extensions, particularly those who born in Brazil can look ahead with an instant method of putting more length as volume to their hair. You can find these extensions in clip and weft form as per your choice. Both type of extensions can glue or sewn into one’s hair. Brazilian hair weave for short hair can also be used to boast the frequency by going through extension hair method. This process involves connecting extensions to a user’s hair with the help of small elastic bands. It is considered as one of the most innovation method which causes no damage to the hair.


Brazilian Hair Weave

Despite of how such advanced beauty products are attached into women’s head, the quality is really good. The most well admired form of Brazilian Remy hair is curly. However, if a woman plans she opt for straight hair in a single day, it is quite achievable to flat iron her new plaits and get the accurate appearance that she really desires without putting any warmth at all to her usual tresses.

Additionally, to give you option for choice, two forms are available that includes standard Brazilian Remy tresses and virgin Brazilian tresses. Virgin Brazilian hair is one of the most admired options among women’s group all over the world whether they are celebrities or normal women.

Original virgin Brazilian Remy hair don’t go though any chemical process in any way. It is able of being dyed or chemically procedure similar to human hair. The cost remains on the stylists charges it for its expected shine and the slim wave it possess. Additionally, there is important material utilized in the formation of curly Remy hair extensions. As the cuticle of this sort of hair is conserved undamaged and is unidirectional, selecting Remy hair

surely lessen the problems of tangling, roughen, and frizzing a lady might come across to them.

Second option with Brazilian hair extension is standard Brazilian Remy tresses. This mode is different from other one as they are often go through color treated and developed to form curly Remy hair extensions. Moreover, they are many a times even dyed to match up with the hair colors of European and Caucasian. As far as natural form of hair is concerned, standard hair extension are available in black and dark brown color. The standard form can be easily dyed, curled, blow dried and or flat ironed. If we put no concern to different forms of Brazilian hair extensions that women select, she is ensured for big length, great volume, beauty and luster of her hair. You can choose any option as per your personal appearance and demand of your hair.

Natural Ways to Get Hair to Grow Thicker

You’re born with a certain number of hair-producing follicles—there’s no way to force your body to create more. You can, however, shut off follicle-damaging chemicals in your body, prompt new growth and take care of the strands you have so your hair feels thicker and healthier.


Step 1

Drink green tea. According to Dr. Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen in “You: Being Beautiful,” caffeine in general and green tea in particular can actually slow down your body’s production of DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, which can damage your hair follicles. People with high-fat diets usually produce more DHT, they note.


Loose Body Wave Hair

Step 2

Take a silica supplement to ensure you keep the hair you have—the less hair you lose, the thicker your hair will feel. Lisa Akbari, author of “Every Woman’s Guide to Beautiful Hair at Any Age,” notes that silica can help strengthen the hair you have, making it less likely to fall out. Silica, she writes, is found naturally in rice, seafood and green veggies or you can take a supplement. Aim for 55mcg per day.


Step 3

Prompt new growth with a B-vitamin supplement. Oz and Roizen note that niacin and pantothenic acid promote hair growth, while biotin, folate and B6 help prevent hair loss. It’s important that you take a B-vitamin complex instead of individual supplements. According to author Riquette Hofstein in “Grow Hair Fast: 7 Steps to a New Head of Hair in 90 Days,” these vitamins have a chemical interdependence that makes them much much less useful when taken separately. Loose Body Wave 


Step 4

Brush your hair the right way. According to Hofstein, brushing your scalp keeps blood flowing to the papilla in your hair follicles. If that blood flow becomes obstructed by things like stress, hair product buildup, dead skin flakes or even a genetic predisposition to baldness, your hair follicles die and don’t produce any hair. Hofstein suggests using a boar-bristle brush on dry hair only, twice a day for 3 to 5 minutes.

Hair Care:How Do I Make My Dry, Damaged Hair Healthy Again?

Many cosmetic processes, from home-coloring to over-bleaching to burning with irons and blow dryers, can result in dry, brittle hair. Extremely damaged hair may even break, causing an uneven look to your hairstyle. Keeping your hair healthy is often about prevention rather than remedies after the fact. However, if you find yourself with a head full of hay-like hair, don’t panic—it is possible to repair your hair.


Step 1

Detangle your hair when it’s dry with a wide-toothed comb. Dry hair can withstand the occasional pull, but wet hair is more delicate and susceptible to breakage if you tug too hard.


Step 2

Wash your hair with a gentle, extra-moisturizing shampoo. You may be used to washing your hair daily, but try to wait a day between shampooing to reduce the wear and tear on the damaged strands. Gently finger-comb the lather through your hair; don’t rub it into your scalp.


Step 3

Rinse the lather out with warm running water. Avoid repeating with another dose of shampoo; too much washing will unnecessarily tax your hair.


Step 4

Apply a healthy dollop of intensive conditioner to your damp hair and finger-comb it through to coat every strand. Leave on for 2 or 3 minutes to allow the moisturizers to saturate the hair shafts.


Straight Full Lace Wig

Step 5

Rinse out the conditioner, using your fingers to separate sections of hair.


Step 6

Dry your hair by gathering a section in a towel and gently pressing to squeeze out water. Repeat until all excess water is gone. Don’t wrap your head in a towel and rub your scalp–rough drying, when your hair is in a wet, weakened state, only encourages breakage.


Step 7

Allow your hair to dry naturally. Avoid rough brushing, blow drying, curling irons and flat irons to minimize additional damage to your hair. If you must style your hair with these implements, apply a moisturizing styling cream to your damp hair to protect it from the heat, and style as gently as you can.


Step 8

Avoid using gels, hairsprays or other styling products that contain alcohol; they’ll dry out your hair. Try not to stick your hair in a ponytail or twist into a hair clip; the break-prone hair shafts will be further weakened. While your hair is healing, don’t further process it with hair color, relaxers or chemical straighteners.


Step 9

Ask your hairdresser to cut off the damaged sections of your hair if the moisturizing regimen doesn’t show results within 4 or 5 weeks. It may seem like a drastic solution, but consider it a chance to get a healthy, new look. Straight Full Lace Wig

General Hair Care Tips for African-American Women

1.Always de-tangle and pin-up your hair before you go to bed.

2.If you have rough, cotton pillow covers, then wrap your hair in satin scarf to protect them from getting damaged over the night.

3.Always cover your hair when going outdoors, especially in the sun.

4.Using a special sunscreen for hair is also a good idea.

5.Avoid using more than one heat product on your hair such as blow dryer, flat iron, hair straighteners, etc.

6.Use a wide toothed comb to de-tangle your hair.

7.Trim your hair every 2 months or more (depending upon your hair growth) to get rid of split ends.

8.Use a pre-styling gel or serum before going for any black hairstyle.

9.Do not tie your hair too tightly, as it could lead to traction alopecia.


Shea butter for Afro hair is a necessary component to achieve well-moisturized hair. Afro hair is tightly coiled and resembles a cork screw or a pen spring; some coils are larger in diameter and some are much smaller in size. The structure of Afro hair is very dense, porous and often dry due to the lack of lipid and oil production within the hair shaft. Shea butter for Afro hair is beneficial as an emollient because it moisturizes, softens the hair cuticle and helps to prevent breakage.

Types of Shea Butter

Refined shea butter is extracted from shea kernels that contain petroleum or hexane solvents. The oil is boiled at high temperatures to refine, deodorize and treat the shea butter. Refined shea butter is customarily white in color and odorless in smell. Refined shea butter contains preservatives such as butylated hydroxyanisole, or BHA, or butylated hydroxytoluene, or BHT. Refined shea butter is often grainy or hard.

Unrefined shea butter is also known as raw shea butter. The shea butter is extracted from nuts of the shea-karite tree. The nuts are cracked, grilled and pounded; they are then added to boiling water until the shea butter surfaces. The shea butter is skimmed from the water and placed in large tin containers and stirred to cool and solidify. The unrefined shea butter undergoes a different extraction process than that of the refined shea butter, which allows the unrefined shea butter to maintain its beneficial properties of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and minerals.

Hair Detangler

Shea butter is a rich emollient and provides superior slippage for Afro hair when detangling. Apply shea butter over your favorite hair conditioner and detangle using a large paddle brush. Shea butter helps to reduce hair tangles and provides beneficial moisturizing properties to your hair along with vitamin E, vitamin K and essential fatty acids.

Daily Moisturizer

Include shea butter into your daily hair regimen to combat frizzy, dry and brittle hair. Shea butter can be whipped for easier distribution. Using a hand-held mixer or a stand mixer, beat your shea butter on medium setting for 45 minutes to an hour for a soft moisturizing daily cream that can be used for both hair and skin.

Shea Butter Oil

Because shea butter has a low melting point, it can be easily melted in a microwave-safe container to liquefy and use as hair oil. Shea butter oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that make it beneficial for scalp massages to stimulate blood circulation and prohibit bacterial growth on the scalp.

Hair Pomade

Shea butter can be used in place of hair gels and heavy waxes. Shea butter can be applied to the edges of the hairline to smooth Afro hair and reduce frizz and dryness, which is often associated with alcohol-based hair gels.


How to Start a Hair Extension Business ( Stema hair share)

How to Start a Hair Extension Business     ( Stema hair share)

Your talent is doing hair extensions to your friends and to yourself can be the key for you to become the next big entrepreneur in the field. By knowing the right information, you can successfully start your own hair extension business .Besides ,Stema hair can do some help for hair reseller

cheap hair brazilian weave

  • Having your own small business started at your home can give you satisfaction for whatever interest that you have. Aside from that, you know that you are earning by doing what you like. And this time, it will be your interest in doing hair extensions.
  • You can have this business basically in your own home To customers, going to salon for hair extension can be expensive. But once the customers learned that they can go to a cheaper one then they will surely go to your home business instead of going to the expensive salon just for a hair extension. Right now, you will learn how to start a hair extension
  • To start off, you need to make a plan on how you will design your place, the equipments that you will use and legality that you need in order to operate. You have to include most importantly on how you will manage your operations, what hair you like to sell, virgin brazilian hair, indian hair the assistants you need to hire, and the marketing that you will do to advertise your service. After planning, you can now go to government offices for the requirements of licenses for your business. Having a health exam can also be a requirement.
  • Next, you have to advertise your business in advance once you are set with your plans. You can even give samples to some of your friends by having them pay just the materials and not the service. You can even do some hair extensions on yourself .Stema hair can offer you some pictures in your own logo ,share you the professional hair knowledge . Once they like it, you have to tell them that you can do the same quality service for them. After this, you can even set appointments to the interested individuals as soon as your business starts.
  • Then ,set a reasonable rate for your services and make sure that it is competitive so that you can lure people who are interested in quality but affordable hair extensions. Think of having satisfied clients that will soon become your regular customers. Don’t think of having big profits at first. You can soon do that once customer begins to grow more.
  • Since you are in the hair business, you have to think of a business name can really get the attention of your target market. You can make it intriguing or you can make it sound sophisticated. Decide on the colors of your logo. Make stickers and post it in your car or some place that they can see. You may also create your website on the Internet. Make sure that you showcase your services and what people can expect in your business, especially the rates. Make sure to include the extra services that you can provide.
  • Before opening the business, organize all your equipments and see to it that everything is clean. The place should be bright, clean, and free from bad odors. Music or television can also be something that can make customers feels good. If you are mobile, make sure that everything is also organized and easy to move. Now, you are ready to open your new hair extension business.


Do you Know why Choose Hunman Hair for Wigs or Extensions?

when you want to get yourself a wig or some hair extensions,what type should you buy? While synthetic hair probably has the edge for a fun,new look that’s spiky and fluorescent,for a natural look you are far better off with human hair.It might cost rather more,but buying remy virgin human hair will bring lots of advantages.

Remy hair has not lost its cuticle layer,and it all flows naturally in the same direction.If it’s not remy,it could have a synthetic coating which will not give the hair the protection of the natural cuticle.Virgin hair has
never been treated with cemicals,so the color,texture and amount of curl or wave is completely natural.If it’s not virgin,it could hace been dyed before you buy it.Once you hace purchased remy virgin hair,you can treat it as you wish;washing,dying,straightening or curling will not harm it any more than it would your own natural hair.

It won’t be as heavy as synthetic hair,so it will be more comfortable to wear and will appear more natural when the wind is blowing through it.The cuticle will maintain its condition and shine,and its natural color will never fade.Synthetic hair is covered with silicon which will wear off over time,leaving the hair feeling rougher and making it much more prone to tangling.Its color will also fade as the months go by.
Types of Human Hair

Haii for wigs and extensions is categorized by country of origin as well as quality.The most popular types are Indian,Malaysian,Brazilian and European.
Asian hair is always dark and thick.Hair from India often has a soft wave,while hair form Malaysiz will be straight,but softer and sikier.

Hair from Brazilin South America is also soft,thick and wavy.The difference lies in the multiplicity of colors and shades you can get from this area of the world.

European hair has the greatest variety of of colors and textures.Usually originating from Italy or Russia,this hair can be found in all shades of blonde,brunette or redhead.It can also be straight,wavy or curly.

Wearing a wig or a Hairpiece.

People choose to wear a wig for various reasons.Sometimes it’s to cover hair loss following a medical problem; a wig can even aid recovery in such circumstances if the patient is depressed abount how whe looks.Some women just want to ring the changes and look different for special occasions or on different days of the week.Others keep a wig for those inevitable bad hair days that happen from time to time.

5A Virgin Brazilian Hair
Hair extensions are popular hairpiece these days women who find it difficult to grow their hair,or have run out of the patience needed to wait for it,attach matching extensions to their own hair and can ring the changes as if they had their own flowing locks.They can wear it long,sleek or bouncy,pile it up in a smooth,formal chignon,or make it more romantic with escaping wisps and feathery fronds around the face.There is an almost infinite variery of styles for long tresses that can be worn up or down.
Making a Difference in the world

When you purchase a human hair wig or extensions,it’s not just you that benefits.You are perpetuating the demand for human hair.That means that hair buyers will continue to trawl the poorest villages in the countries where women supplement the family income by selling their long,healthy virgin hair.

Someone else will have a boost to a meager income because the hair you buy needs to be replaced in a stock inventory.It could mean that some children’s hungry bellies will be filled.That’s as good a reason as any to buy human hair for your wig or extensions.